TrustCloud® Releases World’s First Free Security Questionnaire Tool and Compliance Sharing Portal for Startups

Erin Crapser

5 Jun 2023

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TrustShare™ application includes AI-powered security questionnaire responses and a dynamic compliance portal, so startups can pass security reviews and win crucial enterprise deals

Boston MA—JUNE 6, 2023—TrustCloud, the Trust Assurance platform that uses AI to upgrade GRC into a profit center, announced today the release of a free version of TrustShare for startups. TrustShare, part of the TrustCloud platform, uses AI to pre-fill up to 90% of most security questionnaires, and creates a dynamic, branded portal where companies can invite potential customers to securely review their compliance certifications. The first-of-its-kind free offering joins TrustCloud’s free SOC 2 and NIST-CSF readiness product for startups, democratizing access to enterprise-grade security solutions. 

Startups are often required by prospective customers to answer lengthy and complex security questionnaires, which can be a huge strain on their already limited resources. TrustShare is proven to reduce time spent on security questionnaires in two ways: Creating a compliance portal that lives on a company’s website and reduces the number of questionnaires they receive by as much as 75%, and using AI to pre-fill up to 90% of each security questionnaire based on prior responses and other security information. By saving time on reviews, and saving money on GRC tools, startups can focus their resources on critical business growth. 

“As a two-time founder, I know how exciting it is when potential customers are interested in your new product, and the importance of removing any possible barriers to sales,” said Sravish Sridhar, CEO and founder of TrustCloud. “Our mission is to democratize compliance for all businesses, including startups, so they can win more deals, reduce time and money spent on GRC, and protect their customers and colleagues from data breach and liability. By providing free SOC 2 and NIST-CSF readiness, as well as security questionnaire and portal automation tools, we’re helping businesses use compliance as fuel for sales from day 1.”

“Our customers trust us with sensitive information such as sales calls so that Pilot AI can use AI to do things like automate their administrative tasks, including filling out the CRM,” said Amanda Carr, Chief of Staff at Pilot AI. “Therefore, with security at the forefront of our priorities, it was refreshing to find a partner like TrustCloud who has built a solution that truly makes our lives easier! We’re in the midst of our SOC 2, Type 2 audit which we showcase on our TrustShare portal as we progress. We’re excited to have a product that shows how serious we are about our security program.”

Startups can sign up for free SOC 2 and NIST-CSF readiness, along with a security questionnaire answer tool and compliance portal here. To learn more about TrustCloud’s platform, visit

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TrustCloud ( upgrades GRC into a profit center by saving time and money on audit prep, reducing liability with risk management, and accelerating deals with automated security questionnaires. AI-powered predictive intelligence and programmatic verification ensure that companies meet their customer, audit, and governance commitments so they can stay secure and grow their business. TrustCloud is the Trust Assurance platform of choice for security-minded companies that want to win more business. 

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