Demonstrate responsibility and trust aroud AI

Develop, deploy, and manage your AI systems with ISO 42001 and NIST AI RMF to show your customers and prospects that as your technology advances, your GRC keeps the pace.

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Our Customers Pass 100% of Audits

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”We gave the auditors access to TrustCloud, they looked at our evidence, tests, and policies and it was a breeze for us. The auditors didn’t have any questions for us at all.”

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Build trust around AI

AI’s relative novelty and the many potential ethical concerns it can pose, it’s becoming ever more important to your prospects and customers that you measure and mitigate the risks associated with AI. Adopting these latest standards through TrustCloud will keep your GRC program robust, modern, and intelligent.
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TrustCloud supports AI frameworks ISO 42001 and NIST AI RMF as well as SOC and CMMC frameworks

Easily add new AI frameworks to your existing GRC program

TrustCloud’s interconnected graph system makes adding new frameworks like ISO 42001 and NIST AI RMF seamless and quick. You can even conduct a gap analysis to see how close you already are to meeting those frameworks. And since your program is already fully mapped in TrustCloud, there’s no repeat setup or integration work.

Demonstrate the ROI of GRC for AI

TrustCloud can help you quantify the risks associated with your AI systems, then report to leadership and the board on the growth and revenue impact of implementing ISO 42001 and/or NIST AI RMF. Our board-ready dashboards and dynamic risk register can help you showcase value right away.
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What’s included in your AI frameworks

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Dynamic, interconnected GRC program

Our graph-based architecture ties together your controls, policies, knowledge base, and every trust artifact. Any time your business or regulations change, your program will automatically adjust to those changes.
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Continuous monitoring

No more pre-audit fire drills; enjoy a 100% audit success rate and easy audit prep because you’ll have TrustCloud continuously testing controls, verifying mapping, and collecting up-to-date evidence.
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A portal that eliminates questionnaires

Any portal built through TrustShare is dynamic, accessible, and so detailed your customers can conduct a virtual audit. Showcase your security posture and reduce the number of questionnaires you receive by up to 50%.
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GRC-specific AI

We trained our AI specifically on GRC and security questionnaires so we can pre-fill up to 85% of received security questionnaires with unmatched accuracy. Our AI will even surface program recommendations when it sees controls you could adopt to make your security program stronger and more appealing to customers.
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Always-available gap analysis

Take the guesswork out of planning; gap analysis is included in TrustOps, so you’ll always know how you measure up to new or yet-to-be-implemented frameworks.
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Dedicated support

Our team of Trust Advisors are former Big 4 auditors, and our Specialists are always there when you have questions about our platform or any framework.
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