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What We Are Made Of

Our values are resilient THREADs that are stitched into the
very fabric of our culture.
TrustCloud TrustTrustCloud Trust


We strive to continuously earn the trust of our team, customers, investors and all other stakeholders - proving to them that they can depend on us.

TrustCloud HealthTrustCloud Health


We are diligent caretakers of the health of our business, but never prioritize it over the mental and physical health of our team.

TrustCloud RespectTrustCloud Respect


We are passionate about being respectful and courteous. There's no excuse for being a jerk.

TrustCloud Evidence-Based DecisionsTrustCloud Evidence-Based Decisions

Evidence-Based Decisions

Our strategy and operations are driven by evidence, which we collect from our customers, product, team and partners.

TrustCloud Action-OrientedTrustCloud Action-Oriented


Each person is empowered and encouraged to make decisions and drive progress, without fear of consequence. Action and learning trumps inaction.

TrustCloud DiversityTrustCloud Diversity


We work hard to nurture a team that is diverse in identity, belief, background, thought and experience. Our diversity makes us stronger.


We love to learn, work hard, and enjoy the journey

What is the TrustCloud Team Like?

Determined innovators, creating ambitious and magical outcomes

Our culture is built on our values, and our success is driven by our highly collaborative and respectful team.

A true test of a great team is how they treat each other through thick and thin. We strive to to remain kind and supportive so we can empower one another to achieve our goals.

What is the TrustCloud Team Like?

TrustCloud is a place where we love to tackle hard things, and help one another. I am very grateful to have such a transparent, empathetic and humble team.


Invested in Diversity and Equality

Our diversity makes us stronger

We work hard to nurture a team that is diverse in identity, belief, background, thought, and experience.

Our efforts aim to ensure that TrustCloud is an equitable and inclusive workplace in which we are engaged, feel valued, and can be our authentic selves.

Distributed All Over the World

Remote-first and Highly Connected Team

We have been a remote-first team from day-one. We work from our home offices, and meet in person when we need to. Our team is based across the US, Europe, and India, and we hope to hire the best people anywhere we can find them.

We believe remote and distributed is the future of work because it creates a more equitable experience for all. It allows us to enjoy flexibility and unprecedented work-life harmony.

Distributed All Over the World

I am grateful that I can be with my family and cherish my kids as they grow up, and pursue my hobbies - while still accomplishing my professional goals. It's amazing how liberating remote work with TrustCloud is.



See some of the things we appreciate about our team, mission, and culture

TrustCloud Customers

Priyanka Venkat

Head of Sales

I chose to work at TrustCloud because I could see the true passion each and every person had in building a better experience for our customers, as well as the employees we bring on board. 

TrustCloud is the first company I’ve worked for where in my performance review I wrote “This is the happiest I’ve been in my career”. Our values aren’t just words we put on our website, we live them each and every day.

TrustCloud Customers

Allana Cacho

Manager of Customer Success

My favorite TrustCloud value is Respect. At other points in my career I have seen people get away with disrespecting others or being jerks. It’s tough to see this but even worse to experience it yourself. 

I love that our company takes respect so seriously and holds everyone accountable for their actions.

TrustCloud Customers

Satya Moutairou

Compliance Director

What comes to mind when I think about my experience at Kintent? ‘Manifestation’.

This is a space where thoughts become things literally! Our team is lean, high performing and fast paced! I absolutely love seeing how feedback and improvement requests are carefully evaluated and turned into tangible output quickly.

Our customers mean the world to us. I don’t think there is another company in the world that takes customer feedback seriously as we do.

TrustCloud Customers

Mark van Seventer

Senior Software Engineer

The reason I chose TrustCloud is short and simple: the team. From day one, it’s like working together with your best friends towards a common goal – it is all about being supportive, helping one another out, and celebrating milestones, big and small. 

Two years have flown by, and I hope for many more to come. As we grow, there’s one constant: the overall awesomeness of everyone on the team.

TrustCloud Customers

Kelsey Sheldon

Trust Assurance Specialist

One of the most amazing habits of TrustCloud is how transparent and open every employee is. Whether it’s from our CEO all the way down to me people are willing to be completely open. 

Due to this habit of transparency, I’ve built so much trust in the company which makes me truly believe TrustCloud is where I am supposed to be.

TrustCloud Customers

Richa Tiwari

Security Compliance Specialist

I love TrustCloud because every team member is empowered to accomplish great things for our customers, while having company-wide exposure to multiple different parts of the business. 

We have a great habit of transparent collaboration – we all know what the other folks are working on, and the team pitches in to help each other out. I am so excited to be a part of this team!


Financial security, with career
and personal development

TrustCloud Financial security, with career <br>and personal development

Competitive Salary

Everyone is paid based on industry standards, and we strive for fairness and equality.

TrustCloud Financial security, with career <br>and personal development

Stock Options

Every full-time employee becomes a shareholder, invested in the company’s success.

TrustCloud Financial security, with career <br>and personal development

Health & Retirement

We invest in health, vision and dental for your family, life/disability insurance, and retirement savings (3% 401k match in US).

TrustCloud Financial security, with career <br>and personal development

Flexible Time-Off

We recommend three weeks, but it’s flexible. We’re off during the last week of December. New parents get 12 full paid weeks to welcome a new family member.

TrustCloud Financial security, with career <br>and personal development

Invest in You

You have access to take courses, get mentorship and training, and attend conferences to help you learn and improve your skills.

TrustCloud Financial security, with career <br>and personal development

Travel to Meet your Team

We organize annual and quarterly meet-ups, to help you connect with and collaborate with your team in person.

Hero curve

Designed to be engaging and fast, while allowing us to get
to know, appreciate, and trust each other

Step 1


Step 1


You’ll have a video call with our recruiter. You’ll learn about TrustCloud, the role, the salary and benefits we offer, while we understand your expectations. We will get to know each other, and we can determine if there is a good mutual fit.
Step 2


Step 2


Meet with a future team member or your manager on a video call. We will dive into your skills and experience, and learn about your aspirations. You will get a sense of what it will be like to work on our team.
Step 3


Step 3


At this stage, we will work together on a collaboration exercise that helps each of us understand what it will be really like to work with each other.
Step 4


Step 4


We will set you up, via 3-4 video calls, so that you can meet other folks on your team and the leadership team at TrustCloud.
Step 5


Step 5


Will will ask to speak with 2-3 references - people you have worked with in the past, or folks who have been your team lead.
Step 6


Step 6


We will make you an offer, work with you to ensure it is an offer you are excited about.
Hero curve

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