Kintent is now TrustCloud! Welcome to, home of our Trust Assurance Platform

Save countless hours of manual work
Continuously validate your compliance and
contractual commitments

  • tests and workflows automated
    to collect evidence
  • Over 600 vendors have controls and tests intelligently mapped to them
  • Real-time risk analysis to measure your adherence to security, compliance, and contractual commitments
Hero curve

You hate spending hours collecting evidence.
We automated it for you.

The Old Way

Manual Drudgery
  • Your team collects evidence manually, and they
    hate doing it
  • Bare-bones evidence collected before an audit,
    just to check-the-box
  • You manually create controls and tests every time
    you add a new vendor
  • Nobody knows the business impact of the
    evidence being collected
Frustrated People

The New Way

Automated And Truthful
  • Automated evidence collection, that unlocks
    team productivity
  • Comprehensive and Continuous testing to
    gather evidence and prove adherence
  • Controls and tests are automatically
    mapped for any new vendor
  • Track the contractual, security and
    compliance impact of every evidence requirement
Happy Salesman

Turn on continuous monitoring and evidence
collection from your product and business stack

0 tests & workflows automated
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