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A HITRUST certification shows customers and prospects that you’re serious about protecting their data. As a licensed partner of HITRUST, we make your journey to readiness and assessment more efficient for you and your auditors. 

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“Readiness Licensees are an integral part of the HITRUST Community. In addition to their vast experience in information security, all Readiness Licensees undergo significant training in the HITRUST Assessment process and methodology which enables them to be trusted and independent resources for clients needing to improve their security posture.”

Matthew Datel
Director of Strategic Partnerships

Save time with reliable evidence collection

The most common methods of evidence collection – sending screenshots and documents via email – are not just time-consuming, they’re also insecure and outdated as soon as they’re sent. With API-powered evidence collection, auditors can get the info they need without asking your team for a single document, and you can avoid the pre-audit crunch.
Manage audits sales acceleration and risks in one platform
Map once, comply with many frameworks

Map once, comply with many frameworks

As your business grows, your compliance needs will too. That’s why we provide an instant gap analysis with a roadmap to achieve compliance for other frameworks including ISO 27001, GDPR, HIPAA and more. And when you’re ready to pursue additional frameworks, you won’t have to repeat any setup or integrations.

Get support and guidance from a trusted network

Make it easy for your team to have an impact on your security posture. TrustCloud gives you more than a task list; we assign, notify, and prioritize work in the systems your team use everyday, like JIRA, Slack, and Teams. It’s never been easier to keep your security and privacy programs in tip top shape.
Empower a culture of security
Prove that GRC is a profit center

Get a compliance plan tailored just for you

We believe achieving and maintaining compliance should be straightforward. TrustCloud’s platform assesses your current security posture, to identify gaps and suggest policies and controls. Our library of policies and dynamically scoped controls help meet the unique needs of your business as you grow, without guesswork.

What’s included in your HITRUST package

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Continuous Monitoring

Pre-audit firedrills are a thing of the past when your system is always testing controls, checking correct mapping, and collecitng up-to-date evidence
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Assurance from a licensed HITRUST partner

TrustCloud has been vetted and trained by the experts at HITRUST to ensure we can provide you with top-notch support

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Gap Analysis

Take the guesswork out of planning when you’re complimentary gap analysis shows how far away you are from your next framework
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Dedicated Support

Spend time with our team of Trust Advisors – former Big 4 auditors – and Trust Specialists when you have questions about our platform or any framework
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Questionnaire Eliminating Trust Portal

Turn on a trust portal to showcase your security posture and reduce the number of quesionnaires you receive, at no extra charge
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KPI Reports for Leadership and Your Board

Prove the value of your compliance program with dashbaords that tie your work to revenue acceleration and risk mitigation,
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How to get HITRUST certified — and why

A HITRUST certification takes your security posture to the next level, see what your journey to readiness could look like.

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