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Stop wasting time on security questionnaires

Pass security reviews with speed, accuracy, and confidence. TrustShare’s dynamic trust portal and AI-powered questionnaire automation help you unblock your sales process to win more deals in less time.

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Earn customers and their trust

See what customers using TrustShare achieve
10 %

Match rate

Pre-fill questionnaires with accurate information directly from your security and privacy programs

10 %

Fewer questionnaires

Mitigate the need for questionnaires with your live trust portal

10 %

Faster security reviews

Soar through security reviews with a live portal and questionnaire automation

“We never lose a deal, and a deal is never delayed because of security issues”

Chris Lynch

Robin | TrustCloud Customer
“When we refer a customer or prospect to TrustShare, it mitigates the need for a questionnaire entirely”

Mick England

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Earn trust through transparency, not a questionnaire

Never fill out a full security questionnaire again. Seriously. TrustShare’s live trust portal gives your customers a “beautiful,” real-time view of your security and privacy posture so you can pass security reviews without questionnaires or endless follow up emails. What if a questionnaire is unavoidable? Easy, let AI prefill up to 90%—all you have to do is review and approve.

Ditch the risky answer library, sync to the source of truth

Answer libraries and static knowledge bases are a pain to keep up. They also put you at risk of sharing inaccurate information So, we took a new approach. TrustShare syncs information in real time directly from your security and privacy programs. Now you can rest assured that everything in your portal and you questionnaires is accurate and up to date, without lifting a finger.

Streamline collaboration between prospects, sales, and compliance

Flooded with follow ups from prospects and your sales team? TrustShare helps you replace the screenshots and emails with a secure and organized workflow via NDA click-wrapping, invitation-only data rooms, and task status tracking through Slack and Jira. Now it’s easy to safely get the right info to the right people, without constant follow ups.

Prove the ROI of your security and privacy investments

Security and privacy programs should unlock new revenue opportunities for your business—now you can prove it. TrustShare gives you one-click dashboards that help you connect security reviews to closed-won business. You’ll see how your investments drive revenue, accountability for your SLA, and what artifacts customers are interacting with most.

Loved by our customers and trusted by theirs

Our customers use TrustShare to earn trust and win business with enterprises like:

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