Got Trust? Our New Startup Journey to Help You Answer This Question

Sravish Sridhar

16 Dec 2020

We believe that trust is the foundation of every business relationship.

To establish our credibility as trustworthy companies, we enter into trust obligations across many facets of our business. From complying with customer contracts and commitments, to adhering to employment, tax, and privacy laws, to reporting progress to our investors and teams, trust is at the heart of countless compliance workflows.

We dedicate enormous effort — money, time, and resources — to adopting compliance standards in pursuit of this goal. But the world of compliance is opaque and nebulous, and requires you to hire expensive experts to guide you through an endless list of manual tasks involving spreadsheets, screenshots, and documents.

Is this effort well-spent? At the end of the day, are we sure that we are truly compliant? Will we still be compliant in six months? The reality is that most companies take on the risk of not knowing whether they are entirely compliant, simply because strict adherence to every guideline and regulation is extremely difficult, expensive and time consuming.

Do we want to take on this risk? No!

Do we want to rest easy knowing that we are secure and compliant? Yes!

How can we make it effortless for all of us to solve for both?

A world where trust can be felt and measured

We have a system of record to track the performance of every part of our business. We use a CRM to measure sales activity, a marketing cloud to monitor leads, product and project management tools to improve and accelerate software delivery, and even an applicant tracking system to evaluate hiring efficiency.

Where is our system of record for trust?

We believe that businesses should be built with measurable trust integrated into every process, that our compliance with trust obligations should be constantly monitored and improved, and that our tools should help us share that trust with our customers, vendors, employees and investors.

Joyfully crafted compliance

When we speak to teams that have had experience with compliance processes, we find that they hate the drudgery of becoming and remaining compliant, regardless of whether they are new to the compliance world or have trudged through it for years. They are either frustrated with mind-numbing task-list spreadsheets and manual evidence collection, or fed up with SaaS vendors who provide them with web-based versions of these same spreadsheets, glorified CMS workflows, and half-baked promises of automation.

We are taking a different approach. TrustCloud is building crafted, consumer-grade user experiences that demystify compliance, pair machine learning with intuitive design to do most of the work for you, and embed security and testability into every workflow to reduce your risk and ensure truth in compliance. We enable teams of all maturity and experience levels to understand, generate, measure and manage compliance programs with confidence and ease.

By doing this right, we can make compliance joyful and help you build, test and maintain a perfect-fit compliance program that you are proud to share with everyone.

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Successful founding team, made even better

We’ve been fortunate to reassemble a core part of the founding team from our last company, Kinvey, and enhance it with a number of fantastic new team members. We have earned each other’s trust over many years, and in that process, earned the trust of thousands of SMB and enterprise customers from across the world, while shipping award-winning, secure and compliant software at massive scale.

Now, at TrustCloud, we aim to raise the bar ever higher in our new journey. We are on a mission to make it effortless to earn trust in every business relationship.