TrustCloud® Launches World’s First Free, Self-Service SOC 2 and NIST-CSF Readiness for Startups

Erin Crapser

7 Dec 2022

Company is the only platform to offer a free, self-service product for startups, democratizing access to risk & compliance solutions required for enterprise sales

Boston MA —Dec. 7, 2022 — TrustCloud™, the only unified compliance, risk, and security questionnaire automation solution to accelerate sales, today announced the launch of a free, self-service version of its TrustCloud platform. The first of its kind offering empowers startups to achieve enterprise-grade SOC 2 and NIST-CSF readiness in record time, without having to buy expensive compliance automation products or deploy an ad-hoc, DIY solution. SOC 2 and NIST-CSF are widely requested standards to demonstrate that startups can securely safeguard enterprise data, and are often a requirement to win new business.

TrustCloud provides a Common Control Framework that automatically maps to multiple compliance standards, and automates control verification and evidence collection via API-based integrations with popular SaaS vendors. TrustCloud reduces the time it takes for startups to become compliant from months to weeks, uses AI to automate security questionnaire completion, and auto-generates a portal for customers to view a company’s security program, so startups can confidently showcase their security posture to enterprise prospects and close deals.

TrustCloud’s customers include security-focused software businesses across many sectors, including Akoya, AtScale, BitSight, DesktopMetal, Evisort, Jeeves, Notarize, Snyk, SmartAsset, and Wasabi.

“As a fast-growing startup, we are laser-focused on earning our customers’ trust, so we can win and retain their business,” said Brian Whalley, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Wonderment. “Compliance quickly emerged as a make-or-break requirement for important enterprise deals. With TrustCloud platform, we were able to stand up an enterprise-grade compliance program in under a week, and close deals within the same quarter. In TrustCloud, we found a partner who moves at our speed, and shares our commitment to growth.”

“As the leading investor in product-led growth businesses, OpenView is proud to support TrustCloud as they revolutionize the governance, risk, and compliance space with the industry’s first free, self-service SOC 2 and NIST-CSF audit-readiness product for startups,” said Mackey Craven, Partner at OpenView. “We are thoroughly impressed that TrustCloud’s team turned a tedious, confusing process into an approachable, intuitive experience. By democratizing access to compliance workflows that are critical for startup revenue growth, we believe TrustCloud will fundamentally change the way compliance is viewed, going from a business hurdle to a revenue-enabler.”

“As a two-time founder, I’ve experienced the challenge of weighing customer demands for SOC 2 and NIST-CSF compliance against the cost and potential product roadmap slowdown associated with typical compliance programs. It’s a gross injustice that so many compliance automation vendors profit from this pressing need by charging young companies,” said Sravish Sridhar, CEO and Founder of TrustCloud. “It’s about time someone made compliance free for startups; it’s the right thing to do. Companies of all sizes deserve access to reliable, affordable tools to earn customer trust and drive revenue growth. It’s the only way the innovation economy will continue to flourish in this climate.”

Startups can sign up for free SOC 2 and NIST-CSF readiness here. To learn more about the fastest way for any company to complete audits & security reviews, visit

Media Contact:
Erin Crapser
VP Marketing, TrustCloud

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