TrustCloud Product Updates: November 2023

Tejas Ranade

30 Nov 2023

See what’s new in TrustCloud

Our team has been hard at work creating updates and new features just for you, see what we’ve been up to over the last month.

Free up your workflow with programmatic vendor assessments
Now in Beta Release, TrustCloud Third Party Risk Assessments help you verify that your vendors meet your control requirements without bogging down your workflow. Learn more.


Integrate your on-prem and custom-built systems with TrustCloud API
TrustCloud API helps you increase accuracy and decrease manual work by seamlessly integrating with both your on-prem and cloud-based solutions. Learn more.

TrustOps: Build and manage your security and privacy programs

Thinking about HITRUST?
A HITRUST certification is no small feat! Lucky for you, we can help you get there in less time and no redundant work. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to learn more about your journey to readiness or join our upcoming webinar to learn more about what HITRUST can unlock for your business.


Link procedures directly to your controls
Managing your documents just got easier! Now you can easily search for and link procedures directly to your controls in TrustOps. Learn more.

Coming Soon: Add multiple pieces of evidence in a click with Multi-Evidence upload
With the new multi-evidence upload feature, you can easily attach multiple links and files to provide thorough evidence for your tests.

TrustRegister: Manage risks and reduce liability

Transition risks to continuous monitoring in a few easy steps
TrustRegister’s new guided experience provides a visual status of your treatment plan and assessments for each risk. Now, you can easily understand the steps required to transition your risks to continuous monitoring.


(Coming soon) Put risk calculations on auto-pilot
Your control and treatment plan statuses will automatically update your residual risk so you no longer have to conduct assessments again and again. Simply set your controls, build your treatment plan, and watch your residual risk automatically update as your program changes.

TrustShare: Pass security reviews and accelerate revenue

Keep your customers updated with TrustShare’s Notification Center
TrustShare’s latest feature lets you post updates to your security and privacy programs directly to your trust portal, ensuring your prospects and customers stay well-informed. Your customers can easily subscribe to receive real-time notifications that foster trust and transparency. Learn more.


Stay ahead and in-the-know with TrustShare’s improved Slack notifications
Now you have ultimate visibility into your to-do’s and your artifact interactions directly in Slack! You can receive download notifications for your artifacts, milestone celebrations, and helpful reminders to prioritize upcoming questionnaires. Learn more.

Coming soon: Create customer-friendly descriptions for your policies, controls, and documents
Reduce follow-up questions with custom descriptions that give your prospects and customers the context they need to understand the strength of your security and privacy programs.