TrustCloud Product Updates: March 2024

Tejas Ranade

28 Mar 2024

Compliance automation and programmatic risk register updates for March 2024

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You know us: Every month we’re cooking up something new! Here are the latest updates to hit TrustCloud this month.



Import your knowledge base without going through the questionnaire import process.

Now you can import your knowledge base in one click without having to wait. Importing your knowledge base also won’t impact your total questionnaire usage counts, which will make it easier to keep track of your total questionnaire usage. 


Ready to get started with importing your knowledge base? Navigate to TrustGraph > Knowledge Base and click the Import button. From there, you’ll see an import flow where you can format your KB to our template and import your questions and responses. 


Coming soon: GenAI takes your questionnaires to the next level.

TrustShare’s AI is about to get even better. Currently, the AI finds text that matches a question and suggests it as the answer. Our new generative AI will still find the right answer, but it will now better account for context and generate natural accurate responses based on your program controls.


How will this AI bring you to the next level? We use a retrieved augmented generative (RAG) model on our large language model (LLM). Acronyms aside, this means our AI has excellent retrieval, so we get better input information. Most importantly our model has been trained on tens of thousands of security questions and industry data, making it exceptionally accurate, context aware, and exclusive to TrustCloud.


Create custom audit scopes to simplify your audits. 

Quickly filter out the controls, systems, and policies that aren’t in scope for your business. Focus your efforts where they matter by creating a custom audit scope in TrustOps. This minimizes redundant work, reduces the chance of audit exceptions, and ensures you don’t flood your auditor with unnecessary information.


Track approvals on imported or linked policies.

When you create or import policies in TrustOps, you can now enable approvals, track approval histories, and check version histories. This will make it seamless for your teams to maintain approval records all within TrustOps.


COMING SOON: New control and evidence UX. 


Soon, control testing and evidence management will see a big UX refresh. You’ll get the same powerful capabilities with more visual clarity. It will be easier to gain visibility into progress for each control, and non-technical users will only see what’s relevant to them.


compliance autotmation control testing TrustCloud risk register


Track risk activity feeds.

TrustRegister is making it easier to collaborate during (lengthy) risk review meetings. TrustRegister enables you to track all your notes and activity in one place, and then look at trend analyses for individual risks.


Programmatic risk assessments and automatic calculations.

There’s no need to make manual risk calculations now that TrustRegister has introduced a new algorithm-based risk calculation. Within your Risk Register, click into a specific risk and take any needed action. Click the Run Assessment button at the top right, ensure your control weights are correct, and TrustRegister will automatically calculate your risk score.


If a control owner updates a control, that risk score will automatically update. That means you always get an up-to-date, real-time, accurate picture of your risk without the manual calculations.

👀You can see every update we’ve ever made! Check out our changelogs for the full list of releases.

RiskRegister run assessment

COMING SOON: Conduct IT Risk Management within TrustRegister

Soon, you and your teams will be able to connect systems and assets to specific risks. This will enable you to conduct risk assessments across your systems, assets, and tech stack components. We can’t wait to tell you more!

👀You can see every update we’ve ever made! Check out our changelogs for the full list of releases.