TrustCloud Product Updates: February 2024

Tejas Ranade

27 Feb 2024

See what’s new in TrustCloud

TrustCloud gets better every day! Here are some new features our teams have rolled out in the new year.


TrustShare questionnaires are now segment-aware.
If your team is responsible for answering questionnaires about multiple products or business units, you can now add the appropriate context to each questionnaire. TrustShare allows you to segment your knowledge base by product or business unit, and the AI will automatically use the context you provide to pre-fill the right answer. 

The TrustCloud team is working on multiple initiatives to bring segment-awareness to other parts of the platform. We’d love to hear from you if you support more than one product or business unit in your org.


Upload multiple pieces of evidence at once. Save time and mouse clicks by uploading multiple evidence files or links to TrustOps at the same time.

Coming soon: New Control and Evidence UX. Same powerful capabilities, more visual clarity. 

Control testing and evidence management has seen a big UX refresh! Now it will be easier to gain visibility into progress for each control, and non-technical users will only see what’s relevant to them.


TrustCloud has updated control testing and evidence management so each user has more visual clarity on what they're responsible for.



New dashboards for integrated board reporting. Reporting on risk management is complicated—how do we distill all this information into what really matters to the board and CEO? TrustCloud partnered with CEOs and board members to determine the information they actually need. Then, we built integrated reporting within the TrustRegister application. Spending hours on risk management reporting slides? That’s so 2023. Our integrated dashboard and reporting will do all that work for you. Happiness all around!

Risk activity feeds and notes

We know you’re ready to have all your notes and documentation right in TrustRegister so you can easily track changes. This popular request allows your teams to collaborate better and build a comprehensive, accessible log of each meeting right into the application.

👀You can see every update we’ve ever made! Check out our changelogs for the full list of releases.