TrustCloud Product Updates: 2023 Greatest Hits

Tejas Ranade

19 Dec 2023

TrustCloud’s “Greatest Hits” of 2023

As we bid farewell to 2023, let’s take a stroll down memory lane and groove through the top hits of TrustCloud’s product releases. We’re breaking down your favorite chart-toppers, from the smooth upgrades that became part of your daily rhythms to the fresh features that added a jazzy touch to your workflow. So, kick back, hit play, and scroll through the beats that made 2023 an unforgettable chapter for TrustCloud’s customers, team, and partners.

TrustCloud Platform: A New Groove

All the small things add up! TrustCloud has had a major “glow-up” since the start of 2023 — a new brand, a new user experience, and 2x the integrations — every update and enhancement was created to give you a more joyful and efficient way to manage your Trust Assurance workflows. Check out TrustCloud’s greatest hits:

  • The reimagined platform experience provides an instant overview of your programs, tasks, and statuses.
  • TrustCloud Business Intelligence lets teams see and share key results from across their compliance, risk, and sales acceleration programs to prove ROI, plan resources, and align leaders.
  • Our new workflow integrations with Slack and JIRA let you stop micro-managing and embrace a culture of security with straightforward collaboration in your tools of choice.

TrustOps: Assurance in Harmony

You can count on me, like 1, 2, 3 TrustOps will be there. TrustOps is now brimming with new features to give you (and your auditors) a new level of confidence and assurance in your controls, policies, and contract commitments. Check out the top assurance tracks:

  • We’ve enhanced our evidence collection and testing so it’s even faster to add evidence in bulk, update documents, and run real-time assessments with 100+ integrations and our API.
  • No matter how fast your business changes, dynamic scoping will help your business stay current by automatically adjusting your controls, tests, evidence, and policies — so your GRC program never goes out of style.

TrustRegister: A New Generation of Risk Management

Ride (out of) the danger zone with TrustRegister — our most game-changing release of 2023. What started as a better way to manage your risks has evolved into an enterprise risk management solution complete with Board-worthy reporting, continuous risk assessments, and AI-enriched collaboration workflows. Roll the hits!

  • Your risks and controls are now united thanks to our common control framework — you can see how risks are associated with your controls and how your control health affects your risk levels.
  • Resource planning just got easier! Keep your executives and board members informed on the most important risks by tagging reporting groups to develop a curated list of risks and their impact for easier tracking and requests.

TrustShare: New Beats to Earn Trust

We made it better, faster, stronger… TrustShare has transformed in 2023 providing you unmatched flexibility, control, and speed to show your transparency to customers so you can unblock your sales team and accelerate your sales cycles. Check out these top releases:


Cheers to a year of innovation, collaboration, and trust! 🥂