New Integrations Just Announced: CircleCI and Travis CI

Tejas Ranade

23 Aug 2022

Your Challenge:

Since working on a spreadsheet, you and your team have come a long way. You’re enjoying the ease of working in TrustOps because it automates control mapping, test creation, and evidence workflows. However, you’re looking for ways to save a bit more time, so you can focus on your day job and growing list of priorities.

Collecting evidence to validate compliance controls takes time and affects your team’s productivity, including HR, IT, and DevOps. You are always looking for innovative ways to control validation.

That’s where TrustOps comes in to lend a helping hand.

How We Solved Your Challenge:

In addition to the automation already built in TrustOps, we’re also developing integrations with vendors that support API-based validation. This is an ever-expanding list, and we’re constantly adding new integrations to our catalog in TrustOps to make your job easier! With this update, TrustCloud can collect evidence from the following systems through automated tests and use the results to validate controls in your compliance program.

The newly announced integrations include:


The CircleCI integration provides one crucial inventory –

  • CI/CD Projects (or pipelines)

This inventory can be used as evidence for DevOps-related controls.


The TravisCI integration also provides one crucial inventory –

  • CI/CD Projects (or pipelines)

Likewise, this inventory can also be used as evidence for DevOps-related controls.

Value to You:

By connecting TrustOps to the systems outlined above, you will:

  • Save valuable time in building out your security and privacy program because you won’t have to manually add tests and evidence to the systems in your program.
  • Receive automatic reminders when evidence needs to be updated to ensure that you adhere to your obligations.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we release more API-based integrations.

To learn more about how TrustCloud can help streamline compliance for your business, check out TrustOps.

If you have any questions about our new integrations or the setup process, email us at