New In TrustOps: Evidence Automation with Smart Inventories

Tejas Ranade

29 Jul 2022

Your Challenge:

You want as much of your compliance program automated as possible, and collecting evidence to validate compliance controls always seems to take a lot of your team’s time. A considerable amount of control evidence involves providing accurate lists of artifacts to auditors — whether it’s workstations, tickets, alerts, or people.

If only there were an easier way than having your teammates take screenshots and export lists from each of your internal systems.

How We Solved Your Challenge:

TrustCloud automatically fetches various inventories in your business through our API-based integrations to systems in your stack.

With our latest release, we have added the ability for you to use your inventories to satisfy control evidence requirements. We’ve now enabled the following:

  • Automatically sync inventories from many new systems of record for Infrastructure, HR, Device Management, Ticketing, and many more types of systems.
  • Create filters on your inventories by timeframe or criteria to represent the accurate subset of records you need as evidence.
  • TrustCloud will automatically save selected records as evidence for your control and make them available to your auditors for review.

Value to You:

Our goal is to automate as much of your team’s compliance workload as possible. With this release, you’ll save your team’s time creating exports from various systems for evidence. You’ll also ensure that the evidence is automatically synced from your system of record to your TrustCloud, so keeping it current and accurate is a breeze.

This is just the beginning. We have much more planned to support you with all your trust assurance needs.

For more information on how to start your compliance journey, check out our TrustOps page.