Join Us in Making History: Free SOC 2 Readiness for Startups

Sravish Sridhar

7 Dec 2022

To our Trust Community:

Compliance software platforms have been around since 2016. These solutions may vary in focus, but typically, they share the same few traits. They tend to prioritize speed over quality, hide their pricing structures, and don’t allow prospects to try out the product until they’ve officially run through a demo and signed a contract.

The industry has been taking advantage of startups for far too long. There’s been this David vs. Goliath fight going on between startups and enterprises, where enterprises are asking the world from startups, and startups can’t afford to do it. It’s a long sales cycle, and in the time between the first point of contact and the signing stage, enterprises carry out their due diligence to make sure startups are credible. One of the items they look into is a company’s GRC program, specifically the compliance standards.

While doing our market research, we found that startups were wary of investing in SOC 2, and because of that, enterprises were hesitant to do business with them.

In addition, deceptive consultants and SOC-in-a-box compliance automation vendors charge unnecessary fees to justify billion-dollar valuations, while also giving startups a bare-minimum compliance solution.

Our company’s values didn’t match up with that approach, so we set out to disrupt the status quo. For months, our team has been working tirelessly to make our technology self-service so we could introduce an entirely new, joyfully crafted experience.

We’ve become the industry’s first company to provide a self-service experience for startups to achieve SOC 2 readiness for free.

Our ‘TrustCloud for Startups’ plan has been designed for startups with less than 20 people. It doesn’t matter whether you have no prior compliance program or an existing SOC 2 attestation, we’re here to help you succeed. In minutes, you can be completely onboarded and have a clear path to compliance.

Startups under this plan receive:

  • SOC 2 compliance readiness
  • NIST-CSF compliance readiness
  • AI to answer security questionnaires
  • A 24/7 secure customer-facing TrustShare portal
  • Complimentary consultation session with a compliance expert

By using our TrustCloud, startups will be able to:

  • Focus on more pressing matters, while we automate workflow and evidence collection
  • Show off their compliance and security credibility with prospects and customers
  • Save time by using machine learning to complete security questionnaires in seconds vs. days

We’ve also developed a robust resource center called FlightSchool, which has user guides, videos, and FAQs.

We’re evening out the playing field by making SOC 2 readiness free and easy for startups. Because compliance is unnecessarily painful, and it’s time we take a stand.

The bottom line is that we believe that startups should have the best security and compliance in place to protect their customers’ data, and we want to uplift them and enable them to achieve compliance and unlock sales.

What are you waiting for? Join the movement of transparency today.

Sravish Sridhar

Founder & CEO