How WorkEQ uses TrustCloud to earn customer confidence and accelerate sales cycles

Company: WorkEq

Location: Austin, TX

TrustCloud has helped us accelerate our sales cycles by helping us proactively show our customers why they should trust us quickly and early in the sales process.

Jikku Venkat

The Company

WorkEQ, the Employee Experience Platform, needs to earn customer trust without hindering sales cycles

WorkEQ is the employee experience platform that helps enterprises create a workplace that keeps their team happy and engaged to drive the best outcomes for their business. Since the beginning of the 2020 pandemic, WorkEQ has helped hundreds of enterprises and thousands of employees safely navigate the new standard of work.

CEO Jikku Venkat realized from the start that robust security and privacy measures would be central to the WorkEQ’s success.

“We had more than just the challenge of convincing our customers to trust us. We had to convince their employees using the software daily that they could trust us,” he remarked. “Some customers equated our responsibility with that of their payroll systems, underlining the gravity of the data entrusted to us.”

The Challenge

Balancing rapid sales cycles and demanding security reviews

Jikku recalls the pressures of 2020: “Companies sought our solutions urgently. We were in a constant balancing act of managing sales, onboarding, and dealing with a manual security questionnaire process.”

Jikku and the WorkEQ team knew they needed a tool to help them uphold the stringent standards of SOC 2 and HIPAA and equip them to earn the trust of their customers and customers employees.

After exploring multiple solutions, including Drata and Vanta, the WorkEQ team chose to lean into TrustCloud for its user-friendly experience, unmatched flexibility, and transparency.

“I evaluated multiple solutions including TrustCloud, Drata, and Vanta. We chose TrustCloud because it had a significantly better user experience and was much more flexible to deal with how customers wanted us to share our trust information. We also saw an opportunity to use TrustCloud’s continuous monitoring to educate our customers and show them that we are going way above and beyond your requirements and they can check how we are doing continuously.”

“We needed a way to show customers and their employees that they could trust us quickly. We needed to do things quickly. Without a tool like TrustCloud, we would not have kept up with the speed that was needed. In 2020, companies needed our solution fast. We were turning deals and security questionnaires around in as little as one to two days.”

The Solution

Leveraging TrustCloud to amplify trust and efficiency

With TrustCloud, WorkEQ began to revolutionize its approach. The Trust Assurance Platform helped them not just meet, but exceed their commitments to clients regarding security and privacy.

“TrustCloud has helped us accelerate our sales cycles by proactively showing our customers why they should trust us and to be able to do it quickly and early in the sales process.”

“We have more confidence and the ability to be very aggressive with customers to show them we are going above and beyond their criteria. As a small company, this allows us to go to much larger enterprises and prove the maturity of our security and privacy processes.”

Without TrustCloud, Jikku claims his and his team’s life would be “a nightmare of Google Docs, spreadsheets, and lengthy sales cycles.”

The Future

Focusing on strategy and growth

WorkEQ’s commitment extends beyond its clients, aligning with standards like SOC 2 and HIPAA. TrustCloud ensures WorkEQ’s preparedness without burdening the team’s workload.

“With TrustCloud in place, this process is WAY easier. Having TrustCloud in place has saved two to three months of work for our team because it’s all in place. Going into our next assessment my confidence is very high, it’s going to be a slam dunk, I’m not expecting anything less.”

Free from the time-intensive tasks of manually managing compliance and security reviews, the team can now look ahead. “Our goal is to redefine employee happiness in the evolving work landscape, and we’re well on our path,” Jikku concluded.

What Trust Assurance Means to WorkEQ:

“Our customers require unwavering confidence in entrusting WorkEQ with highly sensitive employee information. Trust Assurance enables us to consistently reinforce and validate that confidence, demonstrating our enduring commitment to maintain their trust.”

Advice from Jikku Venkat

“Businesses who manage sensitive information like we do need to show customers why they should be trusted and customers should be able to see this continuously. TrustCloud helps make the job of getting your customers to trust you with their data and their employee’s data much easier and much faster so you can close more business more quickly.”