Robin virtually eliminates security questionnaires with their dynamic TrustShare Page

Company: Robin

Location: Boston, MA, USA

For the majority of cases when we refer a customer or prospect to TrustShare it mitigates the need for a questionnaire, we’ve even had questionnaires withdrawn after we share our TrustShare portal.

Mick England
Data Protection Officer

The Company

Robin, the workplace experience platform, eliminates questionnaires

Robin is the leading hybrid workplace experience platform. Since 2014, their platform redefined work and community building for hybrid companies everywhere. With industry-leading desk and room booking software alongside their powerful workplace analytics, they empower people to do great work and foster a sense of community. Robin serves “anyone and everyone” from startups with a handful of employees to multinational corporations with tens of thousands of employees.

Mick England has been responsible for Robin’s Security and Compliance programs since his appointment as Data Protection Officer in 2018. England and the Robin team believe that trust in business is non-negotiable, leading them to achieve both SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certifications.

“At Robin, we take data protection and security controls very seriously. Thousands of customers trust us with information about their workplace on a daily basis and we want to ensure we are doing everything we can to protect their information” said Brian Muse, CTO at Robin.

The Challenge

RFP knowledge base tool fails to handle security questionnaires

Though Robin had multiple certifications to show that they were a business worthy of customer trust, they were still flooded with security questionnaires.

“Like most companies, our questionnaire process was very reactive in the beginning we would get questionnaires in Google sheets, spreadsheets, word documents, and sometimes portals and scramble to fill them out.”

This situation led England to adopt a library-based SaaS product in hopes it would decrease the workload.

“It worked well in the beginning but very quickly the maintenance of the library became a full-time job. Sure, it sped up answering questionnaires but on the back end it was even more work to maintain the library.”

The Solution

Dynamic TrustShare Portal mitigates the need for questionnaires

Finally, England found his solution with TrustShare. TrustShare uses existing policies and controls to help companies instantly showcase their security posture with a dynamic, customizable webpage. Since implementing TrustShare, Robin has almost entirely eliminated security questionnaires from their sales cycle.

“In the majority of cases when we refer a customer or prospect to TrustShare it mitigates the need for a questionnaire. Friends don’t send friends security questionnaires is something that I live by.”

Once England saw the value of building trust through transparency, he brought his sales team into the tool as well.

“When we rolled TrustShare out to our sales engineers they found it so refreshing to refer customers to this URL. TrustShare really benefits our customers and prospects because they get a view to really see our transparency.”

“There are a lot of products in the space but they are either super expensive or they are just checklist, they didn’t really show the state of the system. I like that TrustShare integrates through APIs to the actual services we’re using like AWS and shows the real live view of what our compliance actually is versus me simply checking a box and saying we do this we do that.”

After using TrustShare England states, “mitigation of questionnaires and the ability to close deals faster makes TrustShare a must-have for us.”

The Future

Sales cycles accelerate and customer trust is protected

With TrustShare in place, England and the team at Robin are accelerating their sales cycles and protecting customer trust through transparency. Instead of shuffling through questionnaires to assure potential customers, the Robin team is laser-focused on developing and maintaining proper security measures that actually protect themselves and their customers.