MeBeBot Trust Champions Achieve SOC 2 Compliance


1 Sep 2022

Introducing The Trust Champions of MeBeBot

What is a Trust Champion?

A Trust Champion is the person who helps their organization measure and meet their internal compliance obligations. Their actions support revenue-generating activities, protect their organization from legal and contractual liabilities, and enable the organization to confidently and transparently showcase an intentional, robust, and differentiated culture of trust.

Beth White – Founder & CEO – has been greatly involved with MeBeBot’s compliance procedure. She leads the team and makes sure her company is utilizing best practices.

Janene Niblock – Advisor – supports MeBeBot’s strategic direction related to security, compliance, and business processes. 

Martín La Rosa – Director of Engineering – brings several years of experience and is passionate about applying agile methodologies in order to provide valuable solutions. 

MeBeBot’s Story

In 2018, White became passionate about finding a solution that would improve productivity in enterprise environments. After learning that 30 – 40% of employee productivity was spent looking for information, White wanted to create something that would free up people’s time so they could better focus on the tasks at hand. 

MeBeBot powers workplace transformations using AI and automation so that companies can optimize internal operations during these times of hybrid work and heightened employee turnover. Due to manual and outdated support infrastructure, companies waste countless hours on repetitive tasks, but MeBeBot helps combat this issue.  

Think of MeBeBot as the “Alexa” for the workplace, providing employees with instant, accurate answers to their IT, HR, and Ops questions. 

How MeBeBot Stands Out

MeBeBot’s unique “Bot-in-a-Box” design helps different departments succeed– IT, HR, and Ops teams are able to gain quick wins using a configurable, easy-to-launch platform. You’ll have access to a Knowledge Base, AI Chatbot, Dashboard, and Push Messaging, which is great if you’re looking for an affordable and practical solution to reduce the amount of time spent answering FAQs internally and externally. MeBeBot empowers self-service employee support while ensuring consistent internal communications and feedback for the business.

It’s clear that MeBeBot strives to make employees’ lives easier by saving them time and energy on trivial tasks, but what makes them so successful? The answer is simple: they understand the importance and value of quality operations and how it benefits all parties involved. 

In order to do this, the MeBeBot team knew that they would have to solidify their own internal procedures. If they wanted their users’ journeys to be frictionless in their day-to-day tasks, then that would be something they strive for as well. 

MeBeBot’s Joyful Compliance Journey

In conversations with their customers and prospects, the question of SOC 2 was increasingly being raised. 

“We wanted to prove that we were hearing what our customers were requesting and deliver on our commitments.” 

MeBeBot also found that in today’s competitive environment, combined with the prevalence of cybersecurity attacks; they felt it was important to provide their customers with the confidence that they were maintaining a low-risk and secure product and environment. 

At first, they found their journey to be difficult. One of the challenges they faced was having to manually compile evidence from various departments and then having to track the process via Excel. They knew that it was a “cumbersome and administratively burdensome process that would be fraught with the possibility of missing key components.” As a limited team with limited capacity, each employee’s time was extremely valuable to the overall business goals, and having to do extra and laborious work was hindering the growth of their product offering, as well as taking away attention from their customer base. 

After seeking out a solution that would allow the MeBeBot team to easily understand and manage the overall practice, they discovered TrustCloud’s TrustOps. 

“Leveraging TrustCloud’s TrustOps platform was the biggest advantage. Not only did it give us a starting point by integrating our existing systems, but we were able to run automated assessments and collect evidence.”

In addition, MeBeBot was provided with a very thorough description of each control, what was required, and most importantly: the flexibility to make it specific to MeBeBot. The TrustOps platform guided the team through the creation and compliance of policies, ensuring that existing policies included all of the necessary details. The templates provided were branded and had a consistent look, and MeBeBot was able to include their company logo. 

“The TrustOps system is extremely intuitive and very easy to use. With a minimal learning curve, our employees were able to rapidly adopt the technology, ensuring that we could keep our project on track.” 

When asked how TrustCloud helped MeBeBot achieve SOC 2 compliance, MeBeBot stated that they had worked with a top-notch team– a team filled with experts in security and compliance audit processes. They also said they “were able to have fun along the way… and who can say that they had fun going through compliance exercises?”. 

Thanks to Beth, Janene, and Martín, both MeBeBot and its users will be able to function to the best of their abilities due to their prioritization of smooth processes.

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Best Practices 

When asked what recommendations they had for other companies pursuing SOC 2 compliance, MeBeBot said organizations should:

  • Not be scared! With TrustCloud’s TrustOps platform, combined with their stellar team, you can dive right in and obtain your certification. 
  • Understand that it will be a journey, but you’ll learn along the way, and all the information is at your fingertips within TrustOps.
  • Know that if they mean business, they should check out TrustCloud. As a business that’s serious about providing our own customers with an enterprise-grade solution, TrustCloud helps you take your infrastructure to the next level. 

Want to Become a Trust Champion for Your Organization?

If you’re guiding the compliance journey but have yet to streamline your processes, have no fear because TrustCloud is here. 

Schedule a demo today, and we’ll make your compliance journey joyful.