TrustCloud® Replaces Manual Risk Registers with Programmatic and Predictive Risk Tracking to Reduce Business Liability

Erin Crapser

3 Apr 2023

New TrustRegister™ application introduces programmatic risk assessments, empowering companies to proactively surface risks and remediation plans, map to customer contracts, and understand potential business impact.

Boston MA—APR. 4, 2023—TrustCloud, the programmatic, predictive Trust Assurance platform that elevates GRC into a profit center, announced today the release of the new TrustRegister™ application. TrustRegister allows software companies to leverage programmatic risk assessments to proactively identify risks, simplify collaboration, and understand risk-related revenue and business impact. TrustRegister is the newest addition to the TrustCloud platform that empowers businesses to verify and assure trust in every relationship.

Companies that look to achieve or maintain compliance through frameworks, like SOC 2 and ISO 27001, are required to complete risk assessments to identify and document potential threats, the likelihood of occurrence, and effective plans to mitigate these scenarios. This critical information is often maintained in a spreadsheet-based risk register, which is error-prone and disconnected from other business systems.

In contrast, TrustRegister identifies risks before they pose a threat to a business, while automated workflows streamline collaboration across dispersed teams. The intelligent application automatically assigns, notifies, and prioritizes tasks and remediation plans to ensure your security and privacy program is managed to reduce risk to your business.

Programmatic risk assessments can bring to light liabilities and gaps that require investment to mitigate or resolve. Before TrustRegister, showcasing potential revenue impact to align stakeholders was a difficult, manual task. TrustRegister ties contracts and customers to risks, allowing companies to easily assess risk-related revenue impact. Now, risk owners have the information and associated dashboards to showcase exactly how risks will affect the bottom line.

“It is critical for us to understand our risks in real-time,” said Sean McElroy, Chief Security Officer at Lumin Digital. “Spreadsheets and written reports are almost immediately out of date. With TrustRegister, we have continuous assessments of how our controls are performing and added assurance that we can address risks before they impact our business. This is the direction risk management has to go—our world is constantly changing and risks are evolving; it’s critical to have an automated solution like TrustRegister to help you make decisions with confidence based on what your risks look like today and not what an outdated report says.”

“TrustCloud is empowering InfoSec leaders to make a business case for GRC programs because they know the revenue and liability impact of security and privacy risks,” said Sravish Sridhar, Founder, and CEO of TrustCloud. “It’s important to me that CISOs and GRC professionals are equipped to make data-driven decisions to protect and grow their business. TrustRegister gives them programmatic and predictive super powers to mitigate risk, and reduce revenue and liability impact – empowering them to be strategic partners to their executive team and Board of Directors.”

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Media Contact:
Erin Crapser
VP Marketing, TrustCloud