TrustCloud is Getting a Promotion

Tejas Ranade

19 Apr 2022

TrustOps Kintent

At TrustCloud, we believe that trust is the foundation of every business relationship. 

We’re continually asking ourselves: how do we build a world where trust can be felt and measured? We’ve set ourselves the goal of creating a platform that will help our customers keep track of their own trust obligations, and earn the trust of their own customers. This platform deserves its own name.

We’re excited to announce that TrustCloud is being promoted! Moving forward, TrustCloud will be the name of our entire platform (yes, that’s how much we love the name). All of the apps you use today will fall under the TrustCloud umbrella. The product previously known as TrustCloud will now be known as TrustOps: an internal operational platform for achieving your security and compliance goals.

Everything you know and love in TrustCloud will remain exactly the same, but will now be available to you under the name TrustOps. Our updated branding will gradually be rolled out across the platform.

Why Trust Assurance is Important

Today, businesses are forced to endure an expensive, time-consuming, and frustrating process to establish trust.

TrustCloud democratizes every company’s ability to quickly set up, test, and get audited for security certifications, automatically respond to security questionnaires, and confidently share its security posture with enterprise customers.

When your customers can see that you are adhering to all your trust obligations, the speed of doing business naturally moves faster. We believe that compliance should not be about checking a box — it should be about earning a reputation — and accelerating revenue.