Support for Multiple AWS Accounts is Now Live

Tejas Ranade

9 Jun 2021

At TrustCloud, our mission is to make it effortless to earn trust in every business relationship. We fundamentally believe in operating with complete transparency and openness. By publishing our product roadmap and sharing new feature updates, we hold ourselves accountable to you, and continue to prove that we deliver on our commitments.

Our beliefs shine through to our product development methodology, where new features are developed based on lessons from numerous customer interactions and interviews, and early versions are vetted with design partners. When we release a feature to your instance, we want you to be able to tell that we poured ourselves into it — that we’ve joyfully crafted TrustCloud just for you.

Your Challenge

One of Trust Ops’ core capabilities is connecting into your own infrastructure, to automatically test your security controls and collect evidence. Modern cloud deployments can be quite complex, and ops teams often use multiple AWS accounts to support even a single product. Regardless of the complexity of your cloud footprint, you need a single, clear view of your up-to-date compliance and security status.

How We Solved Your Challenge

With this update, we’ve added the ability for you to connect multiple AWS accounts to your TrustOps instance. With this capability in hand, TrustOps will now automate control testing and evidence collection across your entire AWS deployment, and provide you with an effortless way to manage all of your assets and resources. Once additional accounts are added, tests will automatically begin to run across all connected accounts, and test reports in the activity panel will display resources grouped by account. Resource cards will also display the corresponding Account ID.

multiple aws 900

Value to You

This consolidated view makes it easier for you to have full visibility into system assets across your AWS accounts, and helps you better understand your level of risk, fix security issues, and handle exclusions in a centralized way.

Coming Soon!

Policy Editing and Custom Policy Import: Today, policies in TrustOps are automatically generated from controls in your program, based on our compliance experts’ recommendations and best-practices. To better capture company-specific details, including ones you may have documented already, you will soon be able to edit these policies, or bring in your own.

TrustCloud is as much your product as it is ours. What else would you like us to work on?

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