Introducing ISO 42001 and NIST RMF Frameworks

Tejas Ranade

30 Apr 2024

TrustCloud new frameworks ISO 42001 and NIST AI RMF

While AI has created exciting new opportunities for business, it has created urgent questions around ethics, responsible use, development, and management. AI also introduces a new, and often nebulous, element of organizational risk. 

With the introduction of two frameworks, ISO 42001 and NIST AI RMF, companies can now implement, demonstrate, track, and build their responsibility and trust around AI. 

TrustCloud is very pleased to announce that we support both ISO 42001 and NIST AI RMF.

Building trust around AI

It’s important that companies are able to measure the risks and trustworthiness of AI, and the NIST guidelines endeavor to do just that. Their report identifies some of those trustworthy attributes, including:

  • Validity 
  • Reliability 
  • Accuracy 
  • Robustness/generalizability 
  • Safety
  • Resilience
  • Accountability and transparency 
  • Explainability and interpretability
  • Privacy
  • Fairness

Building and managing so many attributes without any defined guidance is nearly impossible for most teams, so the new standards from ISO and NIST help security teams streamline secure data management within the rest of their overarching GRC program.

Building trust in AI with TrustCloud

Because TrustCloud is built on a graph of every policy, control, document, and trust artifact, it will be easy for our customers to conduct a gap analysis of how close they already are to meeting ISO and/or NIST standards, and then incorporate either framework with ease.

TrustCloud makes it easy to map net new requirements right into your existing GRC program ecosystem. From there, you’ll get the same programmatic control assurance that will prove you meet your trust and customer commitments. 

TrustCloud ISO 42001

Implement new AI frameworks with ease

ISO 42001 and NIST AI RMF frameworks are ready to implement within your portal. If you are an existing customer, please contact your Customer Success representative. Adding the new frameworks is quick and seamless, and in no time, you can use TrustCloud to:

  • Seamlessly incorporate ISO 42001 and NIST AI RMF controls into your existing GRC ecosystem 
  • Immediately begin establishing and automating your policies and processes 
  • Quickly build trust around your AIMS 

Want to learn more about TrustCloud and the AI frameworks we support? Get in touch with us!