Intelligent Detection of Multiple Choice Answers in Respond is Now Live

Tejas Ranade

28 Jan 2022

Your Challenge

Security questionnaires come in all shapes and sizes. Each questionnaire has different expectations for answer formats and specific instructions around the answers and evidence expected. For example, some may provide the option for multiple choice answers, and others may require short-form answers.

How should you keep track of what the sender expects, and ensure that the answering process is efficient and error-free? After all, you may be managing a 300 question spreadsheet. With multiple tabs. 😬

How We Solved Your Challenge

As you may know, Respond’s built-in intelligent suggestion algorithm makes it effortless for you to find answers from your compliance program and past questionnaires. With this update, we’ve updated our ingestion engine in Respond to automatically detect questions that are configured as multiple choice answers.

When you upload the spreadsheet into Respond, the ingestion process will automatically recognize the format required and import the specific values needed to answer the question.

The Value To You

As a result of this update, you will no longer have to manually input these questions and their corresponding options for answers into Respond. The ingestion will be faster (read: I’m going to be able to unblock sales), allowing you to spend more time collaborating with your team on answering the questionnaire truthfully and accurately.

Our Approach

At TrustCloud, our mission is to make it effortless to earn trust in every business relationship. We fundamentally believe in operating with complete transparency and openness. By publishing our product roadmap and sharing new feature updates, we hold ourselves accountable to you, and continue to prove that we deliver on our commitments.

Our beliefs shine through to our product development methodology, where new features are developed based on lessons from numerous customer interactions and interviews, and early versions are vetted with design partners. When we release a feature to your instance, we want you to be able to tell that we poured ourselves into it — that we’ve joyfully crafted TrustCloud just for you.

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