Connect TrustCloud to Your CRM

Tejas Ranade

13 Jul 2022

Your Challenge

Keeping your sales and security teams in sync on the progress of security questionnaires can be painful. Frustration due to lack of transparency can occur, which tends to add friction to the sales process.

This is because answering a security questionnaire and going through security reviews is a team sport, and sales people always want to know the latest status. Your CRM is your system of record that connects your sales, solution engineers, customer success, and marketing teams, while also providing deep visibility into deals currently in your pipeline.

In addition to questionnaires, when security information is sent to customers, your sales team wants to know: which security and compliance documents a prospect downloaded, and when they did it. This would ensure that progress was being made to close out the vendor risk assessment step.

How can you optimize transparency and compliance document access to facilitate sales during the security review process?

How We Solved Your Challenge

We’ve developed a CRM integration with Salesforce and HubSpot that allows you to connect your CRM accounts to TrustCloud. Once connected, we will auto-populate information in security questionnaires, such as customer name, deal size, and due date in Respond to the corresponding deal information in your CRM.

We are also working on the following workflows to make it even more effortless for your team to collaborate.

Soon, you will be able to:

  • Report on the deals you are helping to close, and the revenue acceleration you are driving through answering security questionnaires
  • Track a prospect’s activity in Respond and TrustShare directly in your CRM
  • Automatically create contact and lead records in your CRM when new prospects submit a request to access documents in TrustShare

Value to You

As a result of integrating TrustCloud’s Respond & TrustShare into your CRM, you will gain additional visibility into how your prospects and customers are engaging with your documents and policies in TrustShare, as well as being able to answer questionnaires more efficiently as a result of data automatically populating in Respond. Overall, you’ll be able to manage your team and deals more effectively .

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