TrustCloud Product Updates: April 2024

Tejas Ranade

30 Apr 2024

TrustCloud April 2024 product updates

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You know us: Every month we’re cooking up something new! Here are the updates that hit TrustCloud this month.


GraphAI will answer questionnaires for you with accurate, high-quality responses.

TrustShare is getting a huge AI glow up. GraphAI’s generative AI capabilities will now fill in answers that are more context aware, more natural, and more accurate than ever before. 

We use a retrieved augmented generative (RAG) model on our large language model (LLM). Acronyms aside, this means our AI responds with speedy, accurate answers tailored to the questions in your questionnaire. Most importantly, our model has been trained on tens of thousands of security questions and industry data, making it exceptionally accurate, highly resistant to hallucinations, context aware, and exclusive to TrustCloud.

Get more details on GraphAI in this blog post.


Multi-segment support for business units, products, and geographies.

If your business has discrete business units, products, and/or geographies that have different customer and/or security review requirements, TrustShare will pre-fill security questionnaires with accurate, timely answers for each separate segment. These new capabilities will help enterprises with multiple segments reduce their risk with control observability and programmatic risk assessment. Such segment awareness is also COMING SOON to all TrustCloud services.

Check out our recent announcement about support for multiple business units.


New AI frameworks: ISO 42001 and NIST AI RMF.

Are customers asking about the use of AI in your products? The ISO 42001 and NIST AI RMF frameworks have defined the new standard for AI governance. TrustOps now supports these two new frameworks to help you implement, demonstrate, track and build responsibility and trust around AI.


Source-verified test reports.

See the detailed steps and responses received from source systems for any test. Source-verified test reports also show the assets and populations involved, procedures conducted, audit logs, and more to ensure you pass muster with top-tier auditors, insurance, regulations, and legal standards.


Map your risk surface.

Link your systems, assets, and vendors to organization-wide risks. This new feature helps you visualize your risk surface and build treatment plans for every scenario.

👀You can see every update we’ve ever made! Check out our changelogs for the full list of releases.

RiskRegister run assessment

COMING SOON: Conduct IT Risk Management within TrustRegister

Soon, you and your teams will be able to connect systems and assets to specific risks. This will enable you to conduct risk assessments across your systems, assets, and tech stack components. We can’t wait to tell you more!

👀You can see every update we’ve ever made! Check out our changelogs for the full list of releases.