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Build a better risk management program

TrustRegister makes it easy to set up and manage a dynamic risk program, giving you a clear snapshot of risk across your business. Ditch the manual, static workflows and get board-ready dashboards, so you can align your leaders and reduce liability.

  • Create an enterprise-wide risk program to guard your customer data and minimize CISO and Board liabilty
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  • Continuously assess and measure risks across your business
  • Present risk to your CEO and Board in terms they’ll understand

The most security-concious CISOs rely on TrustCloud™

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Get a personalized demo of how TrustRegister will transform the way your team manages risk

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Address risks before they impact your business

Sean McElroy
Lumin | TrustCloud Customer

“It is critical for us to understand our risks in real-time. Spreadsheets and written reports are almost immediately out of date. With TrustRegister, we have continuous assessments of how our controls are performing and added assurance that we can address risks before they impact our business.”

Sean McElroy


impress prospects and auditors

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TrustRegister is the "gold-standard" to manage enterprise-wide risk

Pass SOC 2 and other compliance audits with ease

Eliminate the guesswork in building and upholding a robust risk management process. With a thorough risk register, continuous assessments, and easy collaboration workflows, TrustRegister helps you meet the requirements of auditors, customers, and your Board with confidence. 

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Grow with confidence support and expert guidance

Map risks to controls, treatment plans, and contracts

Heal the fractures between compliance and risk management. TrustRegister helps you dynamically map risk to your controls. Now you can reliably measure the level of risk in your business based on the real-time status of your controls and treatment plans.

Simplify collaboration without becoming a project manager

Enjoy a smooth, collaborative approach to managing risk across your business. Assign your risk owners and watch as tasks are seamlessly prioritized, distributed, and tracked across your teams. Your team stays informed and engaged, knowing exactly what to tackle next, without the wait for direction.

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TrustReg BI Finance

Share Board-ready dashboards to align your leaders

TrustRegister translates your risk to financial impact so you can present a standardized risk summary that your CEO and Board members will understand. Our executive-level dashboards have you back when asking for budget, communicating liability, and building alignment with your leaders.

Not ready for a dynamic solution?

Download our Risk Register Excel Template (it's free)

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Tired of manually updating your risk register?

We’ll show you how to prove the value of your risk management program while creating a predictive, preventative risk register.

So simple, you’ll see the value in 15 mins

Frequently Asked Questions

What do auditors look for in a risk management program?

Every auditor is unique, but the experts at Dansa D’Arata Soucia let us know that they are looking for four critical components in every risk management program: 1. a clear process, 2. documentation and monitoring, 3. rationalization over time. and 4. executive responsibility. Learn more here.

How do you keep track of risk owners and their responsibilities?

Identifying and collaborating with stakeholders is essential to create a strong risk management program. The first step is to identify your stakeholders or risk owners. Once identified, you can proceed to establish a policy or procedure and adopt a suitable risk program framework. It is crucial to effectively communicate this framework throughout the organization, ensuring transparency and awareness among all members. If using TrustRegister, all you need to do is assign your risk owners and watch as tasks are prioritized and distributed across your team. You can learn more about assigning and managing risk owners in TrustRegister here.

How should I be presenting risk to our board and CEO?

For your leaders and board, dollars are the universal language. When you can quantify the potential impact of your active risks in terms of dollars, you can create alignment with your board, safeguard your business and reduce financial liability across your organization. TrustRegister gives you a set of board-ready dashboards to quickly show your risks and their associated financial impact. Learn more about TrustCloud’s Business Intelligence here.


Can I invite my whole team? Do you charge by the number of users?

You can invite your whole team into your TrustCloud. We believe security and GRC should be a team sport, so we don’t charge by number of users. For employee workflows, each tier includes an allowance for the number of employees in your organization.